Welcome to the Pixel Poppers Dev Blog

I’ve been writing about games for a long time, but only as a consumer and not a creator. I’ve decided it’s time to get my hands dirty and actually make some games myself. I’m going to start out with a year-long series of projects. Each one will be a small but complete playable game based around one of the game concept ideas I’ve jotted down in my notebook over the years.

The schedule may end up changing, but the starting plan is to create one game per month in 2019. This is intended to provide enough time to dig in to each concept, but tight enough deadlines that I’m forced to keep scope small and move on from each project once it’s taught me most of what it can. It does mean the games will likely be unpolished and if any of them seem especially promising I may return to them later to clean up for a more serious release.

My primary goal, though, is to learn a variety of engines and platforms. I’m going to keep this blog to explain the game concepts, design decisions, technical hurdles, and lessons learned along the way. All of the games will be published for free as well, so you can judge the final products for yourself.

I hope you find it interesting and enjoyable! And if you’ve also thought about making games for a long time but never rolled up your sleeves and dug in, maybe it’ll inspire you to get started. If so, I’d love to see your work!

Here’s to creating!