Capsule Review: Beats

A relaxing rhythm game that uses your own mp3s. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feel finished and the level of work put into the game is inconsistent. There are a ton of visualizers and for some reason even a mixer with which you can create your own tracks, but when browsing songs you can’t sort them or group them by album or artist. Song playback doesn’t work every time - some mp3s refuse to play while others cause lag. Gameplay also feels shallow - there are limited inputs and no real risk to manage, since you can’t fail a track. The game is still satisfying as essentially an interactive visualizer and I think it would have been great if it had been finished properly. If they had dropped the stupid mixer and put those resources elsewhere, that surely would have helped.

I Stopped Playing When: My PSP died. Until then, playing it with mellow songs was a good way to relax.

Docprof's Rating:

Three Stars: Good. I liked the game enough to finish it (or just play it a bunch, for games that don't end). I recommend it to most genre fans.

You can get it or learn more here.