What is this?

The internet home of Doctor Professor, the internet’s leading authority on what Doctor Professor thinks about video games.

It includes:

  • Articles about the psychology, art, culture, and design of video games.
  • Games developed by Doctor Professor.
  • Dev blog posts about games developed by Doctor Professor.
  • Quick reviews of games Doctor Professor plays.
  • Shared links to interesting articles or videos.
  • A blogroll of recommended websites.

Currently, articles are published on occasional Mondays. Games and dev blog posts are published depending on development schedule; for 2019 expect one on the last day of each month. Reviews are published on occasional Wednesdays and Fridays. Shared links and additions to the blogroll happen as Doctor Professor finds things worth sharing.

Thoughts a little too small or a little too niche to be polished up into articles or reviews instead go to the Tumblr, where you can also ask anything).

How can I be notified when new content is posted?

The home page will always show the most recent content. All new content is also announced via Patreon, including exclusive patron-only content. (This doesn’t include things posted to the Tumblr.)

New articles are also announced on the @pixelpoppers Twitter feed, posted to the r/PixelPoppers subreddit, and cross-posted to Medium.

There are also several RSS feeds for your enjoyment:

How can I support the site?

You can get access to some extra content via Patreon.

You can also buy a shirt if you like.

As nice as financial support is, Doctor Professor is also just happy to hear from readers - see below for contact information.

What’s up with this Doctor Professor person?

Doctor Professor is neither a doctor nor a professor. He’s just this guy who likes talking about video games.

Here are some other places you can find his work:

You can also find him on these social networks:

Or just email him:

Some notes on security and stuff

In the interests of security, privacy, robustness, fast page loads and bandwidth conservation, this site is mostly static and avoids using resources from other domains. Here are the exceptions:

  • There is exactly one tracker - Google Analytics, used for aggregate traffic reporting. I won’t be offended if you block it.
  • The Search page includes lunr.js and its dependency jQuery to power site search and some custom JavaScript to integrate it properly into the page. This is all hosted locally and shouldn’t make any requests to other domains.
  • Reader comments are powered by HashOver and any page that includes them also includes locally-hosted JavaScript and CSS and images from gravatar.com.
  • Some games are embedded directly in their own page; these make use of locally-hosted JavaScript.
  • Embedded videos, embedded tweets, and shared links make external requests to YouTube, Twitter, or the appropriate website. I do not control these domains, but I don’t refer to any I wouldn’t visit myself.