My Top Five Games of 2023

Based on how much joy they brought me, not on objective greatness.

  1. Star Ocean: The Second Story R
  2. Star Trek: Resurgence
  3. Sonic Frontiers
  4. Star Ocean: The Divine Force
  5. The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog

Again, this is most of what I actually played this year. I almost called this “My Five Games” instead of “My Top Five Games”.

Special award for joy that comes less from the game itself and more from the social experience the game enables:

  1. Guess The Game, which I play daily with Allie
  2. Farming Simulator 22, which I play with Senpai-chan

Games that came out this year that I didn’t get to but which are high on my wishlist:

  1. SteamWorld Build
  2. Dave the Diver
  3. Sea of Stars

Top games I’d like to see announced:

  1. A follow-up to Kirby and the Forgotten Land
  2. A follow-up to Star Trek: Resurgence