Capsule Review: Galactic Arms Race

A 2D space sim featuring procedurally generated weapons. It’s a neat idea, but it doesn’t really deliver - most guns have very pretty effects but are not actually useful in combat. Dodging enemy fire and leading targets in frenetic space battles is always fun, but here it’s wrapped in a generic quest system of the “Kill ten space pirates” variety and an overly complicated yet still shallow upgrade system. I’d rather play either a pure spacefighting game or a space sim where the rest of the experience has more depth and polish.

I Stopped Playing When: After half an hour I realized I wasn’t switching weapons anymore since most of the procedurally generated ones are not very effective. That meant the game’s main draw - finding new crazy weapons - no longer had value, and it was clear that the the quests and upgrade system didn’t have enough depth to keep me interested.

Docprof's Rating:

One Star: Not for me. While there might be someone out there who'd enjoy this game, I was actively repulsed by it or just found nothing to latch on to.

You can get it or learn more here.