Capsule Review: Sorting Therapy

A simple and relaxing color-sorting toy.

Less a game and more of a meditative tool, Sorting Therapy presents you with five to seven color swatches which you then drag to reorder and sort into a gradient. Once you do, they are replaced by another set of swatches.

That’s it. No levels, timers, scores, or any other complications or distractions. Just sorting colors in your choice of palette, a handful of which come with the free base game and many more of which are available for a single in-app purchase of one dollar.

It’s the digital equivalent of a kinetic toy - something to occupy your hands and a tiny bit of your mind with a trivial task, allowing you to relax or focus the rest of your attention elsewhere. It’s perfectly at home on mobile, especially since its simplicity means it loads very quickly so you can easily dip into it at the drop of a hat for a few minutes whenever appropriate.

I Stopped Playing When: I haven’t stopped. I frequently play for a few minutes when I’m tired or need to think something through or when the TV’s on in the background.

Docprof's Rating:

Three Stars: Good. I liked the game enough to finish it (or just play it a bunch, for games that don't end). I recommend it to most genre fans.

You can get it or learn more here.