W.T.F. Slider

Can we talk about how weird the handling of K.K. Slider is in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Spoilers behind the cut.

Positioning his visits as a reward for getting your town up to a three-star rating works fine, though the event doesn’t actually trigger until you ask Isabelle about the rating. And then with no input from you, K.K.’s visit gets scheduled for the next day - and when you start playing the next day, before you are allowed to do anything, you’re whisked away to a gathering in the plaza to watch K.K. play a song while the credits roll. After that, K.K. will show up for Saturday concerts, and if you request songs the credits roll again when he plays them.

There are a lot of things that feel incomplete about New Horizons at launch - missing features/NPCs/shops/events which seem likely to get patched in later (how bizarre it is that Animal Crossing has become something of a live service game with a secret roadmap). But nothing makes the game feel unfinished to me more than watching the credits roll every time K.K. plays a song.