Live-Tweeting WET

Now playing: WET (PS3). Expecting a Bad Good Game. I kinda love Bad Good Games.

I guess hearing the monkey toys makes more sense than hearing origami cranes in Stranglehold.

Big load time after death and showing me the cinematic again? This does not bode well.

Interrupting the action to tell me to visit the SNACK BAR? They are really dedicated to the playing-a-movie idea.

Rubi’s compulsive need to shoot every bottle she drinks from is the strangest player-character OCD I’ve seen yet.

Did… did Rubi just kick a basketball into the camera and crack the lens? Yes. Yes she did.

Rubi’s junkyard hideout has two chairs. Somehow I doubt she does much entertaining.

Gotta say, not thrilled with Chapter 3 being nothing but poorly-integrated tutorials.

Yay Malcolm McDowell as Guy Who Sounds Like Malcolm McDowell. Boo Eliza Dushku, of all people, as Rubi. I like her, but she’s miscast.

Oh my god. Weird Guy Alerting Cronies To Rubi’s Presence By “Bleh"ing Incoherently Into A Megaphone, I think I love you.

Not liking the old-theateresque ads between chapters. There’s a difference between playing a movie and playing in the world of a movie.

The parts that are Stranglehold are way better than the parts that are Mirror’s Edge. Parkour is just less fun when being shot at.

Why did it tell me to Sword Button that boss to end the fight by shooting off his hand? (It was badass, though, I admit.)

I sure do love mashing Square for several seconds every time I open any door ever. It’s just like in real life!

Ah, I see Rubi’s not the only one whose TV gets the Static and Well-Dressed Talkative Skeleton channel. Quality network, that.

Rubi is the only person I know who climbs down a ladder without using her hands. Or her feet.

No? You don’t want to grab the ledge? You’d rather die? Plummet to a horrible, horrible death? Okay. You’re the boss.

That… was the most over-the-top, physics-be-damned badass/ridiculous fall from an exploding airplane I have EVER played. EVER.

Empty beach. Climb a ladder - suddenly, FLAMING BARRELS FROM ABOVE! Reach the top - nobody there. What is this, Donkey Kong Country?

It bothers me that Rubi is in this mess solely because the ONE TIME she should have spoken up was the ONE TIME she kept her mouth shut.

When exactly did this become the Instant Death Every Couple of Minutes Game?

Oh thank god. At least Rubi doesn’t have Super Drowning Skills.

Ah, Rubi, my old friend. Now, what the hell was it we were trying to accomplish together?

Apparently, it was “Pretend we’re playing Prince of Persia.” What’s with this place not having any FLOORS?

If there’s a more fun way to shoot people than in slow-mo while leaping off poles and sliding under tables, I’ve never heard of it.

That fall? I can take without breaking stride. This one-inch-higher fall? Will TOTALLY KILL ME, ruining my awesome murder spree. Yay!

Wow, these later chapters are really short. And I don’t recall Rubi actually, you know, CARING about anybody before. Weird development.

Okay, I know, I know. Wallruns, physics, videogames, blah. But to wallrun on a CHAIN-LINK FENCE? There’s a limit and that is past it.

Polish has dipped even lower in the endgame. Died SO MANY TIMES on this part, doing exactly what the game says to.

#FinalVerdict Decent, if unpolished. Needed more user testing. Hoping for a cleaned-up sequel. Because when it works - it’s damn fun!