Live-Tweeting Prototype

#NowPlaying Prototype (PS3). Expecting to be an unrepentant superpowered jerfkace. Well, maybe a little repentant.

Holy living Hulk-on-a-stick; this game makes you feel like a badass. Spiritual successor to Ultimate Destruction, indeed.

I think the soldier who killed me mockingly told me to respawn. YEAH WELL… UP YOURS, SOLDIER GUY.

OH MY GOD. Do NOT put up a “Skip Movie” button in the same way you just put up the QTE buttons. I hit it reflexively. WHAT DID I MISS?

GameCrazy billboard, huh? This game can’t be that far in the future, then. OH SNAP

I’m a superguy. Why do I have to commandeer a tank? That’s like giving Sonic a motorcycle.

Okay. That mission was badass enough that I COMPLETELY FORGOT I’m supposed to be tweeting here.

Really doesn’t take long for hives and bases to pop back up after I kill them, does it? Oh well. More people to eat.

When oh when will the military learn that attacking me with a tank is the same thing as handing me a tank with which to blow them up?

Storytelling’s a bit murky, but the gameplay is fun as hell. Makes me feel a lot better about trading Hulk: Ultimate Destruction away.

I never cared for running around causing carnage in GTA… here, I like it. It’s the powers, and attacking guys who sorta deserve it.

One thing this game could really use is a waypoint system. I’d love to be able to designate a target on the map.

All right, Alex. You and me; we’re gonna do this thing. We’re gonna eat people until we learn the truth.

Dammit, Alex! Why didn’t you eat that guy? We had a deal.

That mission took an INSANE number of tries. Thanks, sudden spikes in difficulty! I love being hit by a million rockets at once.

Does the game only ever ask you to eat men, and not women? Interesting.

Fight my way thru the blockade onto the bridge out of Manhattan and there’s an invisible wall? Invincible blockade would be better.

aaaaand our first ragequit. Goddamn escort missions.

At least killing helicopters never gets old: https://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2009/06/19