Live-Tweeting KOTOR

#NowPlaying Knights of the Old Republic (PC). Expecting force powers, dialog trees, and the Campbellian monomyth.

Best part of playing old PC games? Going into the graphics options and turning everything ALL THE WAY UP.

How lucky is it that my bunkmate is the walking tutorial? Any other roommate and I still wouldn’t even know how to put my clothes on.

Your name is Carth Onasi, huh? Are you sure it’s not actually KAIDAN ALENKO? Good to hear your voice again, buddy.

I talk to Carth, press him on his suspicions, uncover that he is generally untrusting, and get a quest to find out why? AWESOME.

Why are they calling non-humans “aliens”? The Star Wars universe is far from being human-dominated, isn’t it?

Oh man. Pazaak is WAY more fun than Quasar. First thing this game has over Mass Effect.