Well its dumb because the Ocarina of Time remake...

vezouta asked:

Well its dumb because the Ocarina of Time remake for 3DS kept the Bulldog moblins. Spirit tracks for DS featured Bulldog moblins as well. Also outside of color, the only difference between moblins and Pig warriors in the switch version now is their ears, lame! Also it comes off as a retcon.

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Ah, I didn’t realize there was more recent precedent for bulldog moblins. That’s what I get for basing my answer off a quick scan of the wiki, I guess :) I have to admit I haven’t played a mainline Zelda game since the original Link’s Awakening, so I’m very fuzzy on the details.

Given that, I agree this is a bizarre and frustrating decision on Nintendo’s part, inconsistent with their own precedent and with the attention to detail the remake otherwise seems to be receiving. Now it bugs me too. :)