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A conversation between two designers for Danganronpa 2

“You know how sometimes you’re trying to figure something out so you ask yourself a series of questions? But before you can ask yourself each question you have to imagine yourself skateboarding down a tunnel in space? And if you don’t skateboard well enough you run out of time and can’t answer your own question that you’re asking yourself?”

“…no. No, that has never happened to me.”

“Oh. Well how about that thing where someone asks you a question and you think you know the answer but before you can form the word you have to think of a bunch of random letters and pull out the right ones in the right order to spell the word? And sometimes you think of too many letters and they crash into each other and explode so even though you know the word you can’t say it and you stay silent so all your friends convict you of murder even though no one was even talking about you?”

“What? No! No, that has never happened to anyone, ever!”

“…oh. You’re not going to like what I spent today working on, then.”


Capsule Review: Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Structurally the same as its predecessor (a visual novel in which you investigate murders and then solve them in courtroom sequences) but with much improved writing - characters are more consistent, revelations are (usually) more interesting and more plausible, and atmospherics are put to better use. While respectful of the first game and its fans, it does poke fun at or brutally deconstruct some of the more cliche or implausible elements while paving over some plot holes.